Nowpro is a comprehensive entertainment software developer.

Japan and other societies are experiencing a major shift toward a grayer population and fewer children,
with profound effects on entertainment markets.
In consumer games the hardware is changing and the youth segment is shrinking,
and in pachinko and pachislot the market is aging and the number of users is declining.
A key challenge now is how to uncover new user groups for entertainment software.
As competition intensifies in each market segment, we need to develop new creative works and new business lines that deliver true value.
Constantly attuned to market and industry trends, Nowpro is leveraging three key strengths to anticipate and actively serve the future.

As a production company, we revolve around proactive project proposals.As a production company, we revolve around proactive project proposals.


As a developer, we do the planning and follow-through required to produce great software.
With our decades of experience and our accumulations of information, technologies, and planning and development skills, our approach is not to produce something that matches a specific request or order. Instead, we take a client’s general ideas or rough images, develop a new creation that matches those desires but could not have been predicted, and launch it into the world. This is the proactive approach we have always followed.
We have an extraordinary record of more than 220 original titles and a wealth of applied technologies, and we have worked with most of Japan’s leading game makers.
Staying attuned to the current and future trends of society, we are responding to the shifts in the gaming environment toward download sales of game software, networked games, and games with social networking features. We are also configuring our project designs and our development work to match the full range of platforms, from game consoles to computers, Pachinko/Pachislot machines, and mobile devices.
As we continue to serve our many clients, we take great pride in serving not as a mere subcontractor but as a true business partner, facing each theme head on, and producing fresh, high-quality, colorful content.

A moment at a planning meeting. Brainstorming from many angles is crucial to content development.
From the draft project plan, we proceed to the specifics of the game design and images. Major revisions may be made along the way, in the quest for content that will fascinate everyone.

Our comprehensive services extend from planning through development and management.Our comprehensive services extend from planning through development and management.


We offer integrated development services, from proposing and planning through development and management, for any platform from consumer games to mobile apps, game machines and more. This is what has made us a preeminent content provider.
We draw on our rich development expertise to offer services for all kinds of content in many genres. Responding to the client’s vision from the full spectrum of our strengths, we are a true one-stop content provider.

We can channel all of our strengths toward either original or assigned projects.We can channel all of our strengths toward either original or assigned projects.

Nowpro employs numerous professionals with skills in many different areas. Together they make up a system that can tackle content development in a broad range of genres.
Depending on the type and purpose of the content, we are able to assemble the optimal development team to create the most powerfully creative product.
Up to now the majority of our titles have been assigned projects, an area where we shine. Going forward, we are placing stronger emphasis on original content development, as we push toward an even balance between original and assigned projects.

Our VisionOur Vision

Providing products with brand power
  • Striving for still higher quality and reliability in Nowpro products
  • Expanding our original content
Creative product development
  • Providing dreams and thrills
  • For adults, children, men and women
  • Enjoyable throughout the world