Business OverviewBusiness Overview

Business Overview

Game Software Production(Planning, Development, Publishing/Work for hire, Original content)

Since our establishment, we have accumulated substantial game development experience with over 220 titles released. Most of them are provided for domestic and overseas major game makers. We excel at cross platform development for PS4, Xbox One, Wii, Wii U, 3DS, PS Vita etc.
The genre of our specialty are sports and action, and the titles we worked on are well recognized both in Japan and overseas.
In addition to work for hire projects from major publishers, we have been working on planning and development of our original titles.

Online Content Production(Planning, Development, Operation/Work for hire, Original content)

Multiple functions such as Internet connection and digital camera started to become standard for mobile phones around 2000 that is when we expanded our business and entered the mobile segment.
As a content provider, we have started planning, development, and operation of the official websites for KDDI CORPORATION, NTT DOCOMO, INC., and SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp.
As a content developer, we have provided more than 110 titles to content providers, and we are supplying entertainment content on various platforms including feature phone, smart phone, and PC flexibly responding to the changes of mobile devices and market situation.

Pachinko/Pachislot LCD Unit Production(Planning, Development, Board designing and manufacturing/Work for hire)

Using experience, know-how, and technology gained through game software development, we were among the first to start business in this segment, which was in 2003. By directly dealing with Pachinko/Pachislot manufacturers, we have produced more than 35 Pachinko titles and 5 Pachislot titles so far including many hit titles.
We basically handle from planning LCD software to the development comprehensively. We are capable of controlling sub-base functions such as lamp, sound, and gimmicks to hardware designing and development for liquid crystal unit, and our planning and technical capabilities are highly recognized in the industry.

Edutainment Production and Marketing(Planning, development and marketing for their concept,
Original content from our concept)

While playing and having fun, you gain knowledge without realizing it. This is the definition of edutainment.
We began production and marketing in 2006 of content where learning happens in what feels like a game, mainly educational software and educational apps.
Our embedding of educational elements within ordinary entertainment content has proven popular among users of all generations, including some who do not usually play games.

Sound Production(Production, Planning, Coordination)

Our creative and production work in music and sound draws on the talents of producers, directors, composers, arrangers, sound designers and engineers with long records of achievement in areas ranging from J-pop and anime to movies, games, pachinko, artworks, commercials, business spaces, and studio work.
Using our wealth of experience, we weave the client’s “thoughts” and “wishes” together with our “ideas” into expressions of “sound” as music, effects, or voice.